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The Batman's Workout

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Batman is the biggest of the big as far as non-super powered heroes go. What motivates him to do his push-ups every morning? Nothing but a deep hatred for the cowardly criminal element of the world that is responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. Determination to rid the world of crime is a great motivator to help Batman lift those weights and train in several different martial arts while pushing his cardio vascular system to its limits every week.

Batman is physically at the peak of human ability in dozens of areas, notably martial arts, acrobatics, strength, and escape artistry. Batman is also a firm believer in exercising his mind as Batman is one of the world's greatest scientists, engineers, criminologists, and tacticians, as well as a master of disguise.

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And Batman is a world class fitness trainer, or actually super hero trainer as he trained a few Robins in his day starting with Dick Grayson who grew up to become Nightwing.

Batman Facts: Height: 6' 2"  Weight: 210

So what kinds of exercises has Batman been seen doing over the years?

Batman Weightlifting

Batman has been seen in the comics several times utilizing the simple ordinary bench press.

Batman bench pressing

How much does Batman bench press? I couldn't find anything official, but from the picture above to the right it appears as though Batman has at least six plates on one side. If so, then assuming each plate is 45 lbs and the bar weighed 45 lbs, Batman's bench would be approximately 585 lbs at least. Other superheroes have appeared doing the bench press as well, including Captain America who has been shown to bench 1100 lbs. Of course, Captain America has his strength augmented from the Super Soldier serum.

Captain America bench press

Want to know more about bench pressing? Check out our collection of bench press videos gathered from youtube featuring tips from body builders and strength trainers on on how to increase strength and avoid injury while doing the bench press. If you don't belong to a gym and would rather work out in isolation like Batman then here are some home bench press sets you can order to have shipped directly to your Batcave. Remember to have your butler spot you, or somebody at least. Never a good idea to bench press without a spotter. In fact, it's actually quite dangerous.

Another weight lifting exercise Batman likes to do is the curl. Obviously, Batman likes to have great arm strength to punch out villains like the Joker, plus he needs great arm strength for swinging around on the Bat rope from building to building.

Batman curl

This is yet another exercise that an ordinary guy or gal can do from home. Check out the various dumbbells available to order. Also check out these video on bicep training.

The next weightlifting exercise Batman does is the leg-press.

Batman legpress

Seen in this image Batman is shoving a stuck railroad car using his legs with enough force to get it moving and mentioning that the max weight that he can leg-press is 2,500Ibs (Batman Odyssey #2). Note that from Batman's own thought balloon, that his maximum leg-press is 2,500 lbs.

Batman's Martial Arts Training

"The grim purpose that burned inside him was growing, demanding direction, seeking release. He looked further, to the East. He learned karate from an ascended master in the Paektu-San mountains of Korea--Savate from a convicted killer living as a beach bum on an island off Borneo. Six months in a japanese hermitage taught him the value of Judo and Ju-jitsu. From a chinese woman so old she should have been dead, he learned the secrets of the Tao, that nothing is fixed, everything is fluid, everything is energy. He mastered a dozen disciplines, experimented with them and fused them into something that was uniquely his own. In Africa he learned how to read the environment for the signs man's passage leaves--how to find and follow a trail to which ordinary men were blind...The ninjas taught him their secrets--how to use the shadows, how to employ psychology to win the battle before it's even fought--the precautions to take when you make yourself a target--and how to use fear." - Shadow of the Bat #0

Martial arts is a great exercise of course, providing you don't get your brains knocked out, but of course the safe way is to practice the moves without actually getting into a fight in the safety of your own home. If you need some martial arts equipment follow the link and for books, DVDs and more check out the martial arts store.

For beginner's I recommend Taebo, it's a great fun way to get flexible and used to holding your legs up and balancing.

Batman Boxing

Never one to leave a stone unturned Batman also utilized the teaching talents of the boxing champion Ted Grant aka Wild Cat.

Ted Grant aka Wildcat trained a very young Bruce Wayne in the "sweet science" of boxing and how to take a hit (Robin #31 & 52 #23

Wildcat trains Batman in boxing

Boxing is a great sport and like martial arts is a great way to push your cardio vascular fitness to the next level. For everything you could ever need to box, check out our boxing store.

Now if you want to get close to the kind of cardiovascular intensity a Batman workout might be like, then try Insanity for a challenge you may not soon forget.

Besides dodging bullets and the overall stress of being a crime fighter in general, about the only other thing I wouldn't recommend from Batman's lifestyle would be his tendency to stay up all night. If you really want to be in shape, you have to be healthy first, and to be healthy you need a full night's sleep every night.

Consult your personal physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program. For More fun stuff on superhero health and fitness.


Comic Superhero Actor Workouts

Superheroes with gym power section

Superhero fitness inspirations

Lou Ferrigno Workout Tips

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